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Nordboth is the right person in the property process

Einar Askvig (Attorney, Vogt Marbella)

Einar Askvig (Attorney, Vogt Marbella) says the following:

Buying property in Spain can be problematic. This is due to language, an unfamiliar legal system and a brokerage system that is very unusual. The language and the legal system can not change overnight. However, you can insure yourself against the worst pitfalls of using a broker who has experience from Spain and to follow up the process from A to Z.

Our company has cooperated with Knut Helge Nordbotn and his team over a number of years and completed as well as very large to more modest real estate transactions together.

His characteristics is that he has the experience necessary to give good and correct advice; and that he knows where the limit should go for his own advice when it comes to the legal and tax consequences of purchasing real estate. It is very risky to use brokers who expresses that they can do everything.

Nordbotn is the right person in the property process and he has a number of times shown an impressive capacity for work to the advantage for its clients.

He is highly recommended as your broker in Spain!

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