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International buyers snapping up Marbella land for sale whilst prices are low and exchange rates are high

Marbella has retained its crown as the one of the most popular places to visit on earth. Remarkably throughout the one of the worst recessions to hit Spain in modern history, the area’s property market remained buoyant amongst buyers looking to snap up the scarce supply of prime Marbella property at extremely reasonable prices. 

Now that the Spanish economy is seeing the green shoots of…


The Mediterranean's Most Desirable City & Why You Need To Invest Now

There's no exaggerating when it comes to this city’s descriptive. The sun doesn't lie, and it certainly doesn't hide in this once very small coastal village. We've got great year round weather, stunning scenery, streets lined with gourmet restaurants, luxury yachts lining the port, and designer boutiques around every corner. The British adore it, and now so do the Scandinavians. Germans and yes, even North American's! We of course are talking about Marbella, a city where, despite its reputation as playground for the rich and famous, still appeals to families across Europe.


The Strong Pound Fuels Property Investments in Spain

Are you thinking of buying a villa in Marbella this year? Perhaps you’re craving a holiday home in the South of Spain? Well now could be the time to take action. As the sterling continues to grow against the Euro (1.40€ euros to the pound at the time of publication), it makes sense to get more for your money while you have the chance.