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Torrox, a picturesque agricultural town on Spain’s Costa del Sol, is traversed by the Torrox stream, flowing through its terraced landscapes. Renowned for its nine kilometers of sandy beaches, Torrox Costa and El Morche are key residential areas, attracting tourists and locals alike.

Historically rich, Torrox boasts evidence of Neolithic settlements and a significant Roman presence, notably in the Caviclum area. The town flourished during the Muslim era, particularly in silk production. Post the Christian Reconquista and the Morisco rebellion in the 16th century, Torrox underwent demographic and economic shifts, including a focus on sugar cane cultivation.

The 19th century brought challenges like a yellow fever epidemic and the Napoleonic Wars, but also economic prosperity, partly through the sugar mill industry. Today, Torrox blends historical charm with beachside appeal, making it an attractive destination for history enthusiasts and beach lovers seeking the quintessential Costa del Sol experience.

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