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Estepona, known for its residents called ‘Esteponeros’, is a cherished destination on the Western Costa del Sol. It beautifully blends its rich Andalusian heritage with modern tourist amenities, making it a highly sought-after location for real estate in Spain. Estepona’s old-world charm is preserved in its cobbled streets, traditional fishing port, and Spanish cafes, juxtaposed with contemporary attractions like the Puerto Deportivo marina, adding to its appeal for property investment on the Costa del Sol.

Estepona is home to numerous historical monuments, including the Nuestra Señora de los Remedios church, the Torre del Reloj, and various museums such as the Ethnographic Museum and the Bullfighting Museum. The town’s location, at the base of the Sierra Bermeja mountains and near the Ronda region, offers a unique geographical blend of coastal and mountainous landscapes.

Tourism has increasingly become vital to Estepona’s economy, complementing its traditional industries of fishing, agriculture, and cattle. The town’s redevelopment, coupled with its excellent climate, well-maintained beaches like La Rada and Cristo Beach, and its wide range of tourist offerings including golf, dining, and leisure activities, attract thousands of tourists annually.

Estepona’s proximity to Gibraltar airport, with expanding flight options including from the UK, and its easy accessibility to Malaga airport, about 50 minutes to an hour’s drive away, enhances its attractiveness to both international tourists and those looking to buy property in Spain.

The blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences, along with its strategic location, makes Estepona an ideal destination for those seeking a balanced lifestyle or holiday home on the Costa del Sol.